Why Lombok Wins The Battle of Bali vs Lombok

Lombok vs Bali

For a long time, Bali continued to be probably the most coveted islands on the planet. With gorgeous grain terraces, epic surf breaks along with a unique Balinese-Hindu culture, Bali has captivated vacationers for many years. Though booming tourism and lots of expats planting their roots, the beautiful nature and fascinating culture has become more and more easily wiped out.

Lombok, just nearby, has lots of exciting surf breaks, stunning quality along with a peaceful kind culture-with no crowds, scams and hefty cost tag. Here’s why Lombok is really a lot better than Indonesia.

Lombok remains Natural

Searching for images of Kuta, Bali, just thirty years ago might cause your jaw to lower. Indonesia has become the victim of rapid development, and in the shoreline inside the south is incorporated in resorts. While Ubud once enchanted vacationers with gorgeous grain fields, today it appears just like a busy city. Contrastingly, lots of Lombok remains pristine-shoreline stretches for miles with no development whatsoever. Over a couple of minutes around the rear of the bicycle, you will find yourself in moving hillsides with simply a few huts and workers inside the grain fields. The middle of the island features a sprawling park and gushing waterfalls and is stuffed with wildlife.

Lombok is not Congested With Traffic

Indonesia could be a small island, but it’ll take hrs to move just ten or twenty yards. Readers are congested, and motorbike accidents are extremely common, that makes it a dangerous place they are driving. Lombok remains without any traffic, that makes it the best place to learn to ride a bicycle, plus an exhilarating place to zoom around for people with experience. Taxis and shuttles go on a single side in the island to a different quickly and significantly to some lesser extent.

Lombok Has fewer Vacationers

Indonesia continues to be around the tourist trail for many years and, consequently, it is filled with vacationers. In Lombok, you may still surf waves in complete solitude and discover beaches without another soul for miles. With no crowds, you are able to truly absorb the special moment from the incredible nature and culture.

Lombok Is available in a lesser Cost

With fewer resorts than homestays plus much more warungs than fine dining, get ready to enjoy Lombok around the reduced budget than Indonesia. In Mataram, cheap food stalls sell tasty local food for under $1, throughout the south coast in Kuta, Lombok, fresh grilled fish inside a worldwide fusion restaurants costs under $5, in comparison with restaurants charging $10 or even more in Indonesia. Guesthouses cost around $10 to $20 for just about any double room every evening, about fifty percent the price of low-cost accommodation in Indonesia.

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