Everything You Need To Know About Refurbished Vitamix

Vitamix Recondition Blender

Most people would consider refurbished and reconditioned to be the same thing. For Vitamix models, refurbished Vitamix are reconditioned by Vitamix to the same standards as their new machines. For other companies refurbished probably mean something different like a third party fixed up defective products, that being said probably also with third-party components. But that is not the case for Vitamix refurbished. You can find out more about Vitamix refurbished from BlenderVersus or you can just continue reading this but if you need more information or the information I provided is not enough for you then feel free to check that website out. The recertification process takes place at the Vitamix factory, so that’s obvious that it is an official reconditioned. Any sub-component parts are substituted for brand new ones. Both function and aesthetics are included in the certified reconditioned Vitamix and things are certain to work like new and never look beat-up or damaged. Regardless of the condition, these parts are replaced on every reconditioned machine: the pitcher, lid, and tamper. The shrink-wrap on the cookbook or DVD will be replaced as well if they are broken. Something that you’d notice immediately even though it doesn’t look too obvious is that the blade assembly is not necessarily brand new. The blade would be removed by the technicians and if it doesn’t show any put on it’s high-temperature washed and sterilized, after which packed within the new container. Now, before you jump into conclusion that Vitamix blenders are bad because they do this thing called reconditioned and you wonder where do all the reconditioned machines come from, the machines were either used at product demos, photo-shoots, or were returned to their owner. The thing is, Vitamix can no longer sell a blender that has the initial factory-sealed box opened. This is just a guess, I think is that the majority of refurbished blenders come from all the returns during the no-risk 30-day trial period. I just guess because Vitamix does not release specific numbers officially. Returning a Vitamix product is not the loss of the customers because returning a Vitamix product would get you a full refund and also pays for return shipping. If you notice the reconditioned machines by Vitamix, initially glance these could be extremely challenging to distinguish from the brand-new machine. You can only notice that they are not new by a very close inspection, even then only a few of those would be noticeable. Common reports indicate that there were slight scuffs on the rubber centering pad. This should not be taken being an issue since you cannot discover their whereabouts when the container is located on the bottom, after you’ve used the device a couple of occasions stated pad would build up minor scuffs. There are also some reports from other costumers that said that their reconditioned machine looked brand new. Brand new. Of course, there is bound to be some differences between a brand new product and a refurbished Vitamix. All reconditioned machines only come with a 5-year warranty, different than some new machines come with a 7-year warranty. The reconditioned warranty is exactly same as when you buy new blender; the only difference is the duration of that warranty. If the warranty length is what you are concerned about, you can purchase a 3-year warranty extension for $75, which is less than the difference in price between the reconditioned product and the new product and that would take your refurbished machine’s warranty out to 8 years. And also you do not have to worry about the “No Risk Guarantee” 30-day-in-home trial because the Refurbished Vitamix blenders come with that just like a brand new Vitamix blender. Now, if you want to change your mind about what you purchase you can get a full refund, and Vitamix even pays for the shipping return for that product.

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