How You Can Prepare and Pack Fresh Green Smoothie for Supper Time On A Trip

Are you like to travel?

Therefore we take good action. We have persistent inquiries about travel and environmentally friendly travel. Like us, everybody knows you do not want peace of a green smoothie every day if you’re traveling. And then here we offer the best tips and techniques to look at because you do not have to stop your walk!

More than just a habit, consuming a green smoothie if you’re on the go will keep you on track with eating healthily. Not too much we do not like to enjoy some less healthy food than if we travel. But we’re glad to know that we’ve given one or more healthy vegetables to keep it going. It also allows you to overcome jet lag by refueling and avoiding dehydration of your body, which greatly helps keep your disease fighting ability in excellent shape.

2 Steps You Can Take Before Take a Trip

# 1: Find out where you will going

Everyone knows you will find many holiday destinations around the world. If you are staying in a hotel, please specify in your accommodation situation whether the hotel has a refrigerator, clean water, etc. If you live in a home-stay, ask for appliances to the owner such as cutting boards, knives, refrigerators, and freezers, and of course blenders. (Then you do not have to pack)

Check the online map or GPS to find out if you will find the nearest supermarket where you will stay and transport options if you do not have time to rent a car. You may not be able to anticipate everything, but it does not hurt to ask some predetermined questions and be prepared.

#2: Decide What You Should pack

There aren’t any solid rules by what you ought to pack, but listed here are a couple of things we uncover helpful to carry along:

  • Blender
  • Superfoods: chia seeds, hemp powder, hemp hearts, pomegranate powder, acai powder, powdered vegetables, goji berries, ground flaxseed, cacao, coconut oil, etc.
  • Jar glass or bottle
  • Straws: metal with cleaning brush or paper
  • Small cooler or freezer bag
  • Small cutting board
  • Small paring knife (packed luggage only)

Current ripping tool (if traveling abroad): Review your manufacturer’s instructions if you are traveling somewhere to get another electric current from where you live. Hiring a Blendtec ripping tool will void the warranty. If you bring a Vitamix Blender, it may have a problem because of its high wattage.

The Way You Bundle Your Blender

The type of blender you carry can be lighter and easier to carry, but we regularly pack our big blender. If you travel well, you may need to purchase a personal blender. Otherwise, full-size blender works well. Another option is to always take a dyeing blender.

I recommend packing blenders for luggage, but we managed to pack them in our carry-on bags. For individuals who have blenders, as Blendtec, it does not have a very sharp knife; you will be fine. Unless you need to wear them safely and packed properly.

Or separate the knife and put it in the checked suitcase. (Vitamix users will need a special tool to remove the knife inside the jug.) Either in this situation, be sure to bring along with how to prevent a broken blender. We want to bring smoothie supplies when using a blender because it’s great to go.

Utilizing a small backpack or suitcase as it is very easy to carry. Prepare a tube or bottle in a blender jar, use a cloth or used T-shirt to help set it. Adjust the bag and pack loads you have

Techniques For Buying Product

When you arrive at your destination, it’s time to find some fresh fruits and vegetables!

Where should we start? The answer is easy: wherever it is! If you are traveling somewhere to get some ingredients you might be looking for in a regular supermarket, then you will have no problems. If you plan to search further, it may be more difficult. Corner farming on the side of the road will most likely be the right place for you. Sometimes you will get access to local fruits cheaper than what you get at the store.

Visiting a cool destination where summer months are over, you have to rely on what you might enter the supermarket.

You do not have to hesitate to check out new challenges – we make references to our smoothie formula (2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of liquid, 3 cups of fruit/vegetables) and buy whatever is available. Exotic ingredients can make some interesting smoothie mixes!

Ready for a trip?

Now you finished for packing, and it’s time to get ready for your trip. There are a lot of ways to prepare and pack your green smoothies. Keep green smoothies in your freezer (it will be faster to add ice cube in the freezer), and you’re ready to go!

Try adding fresh lemon juice to every smoothie to keep the smoothie fresh, or maybe mix with bananas – they will last longer and taste better.

Consuming green smoothies on vacation is probably the way you can continue to get nutrients in your body, and you do not want to miss it.

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